Why Tbilisi Studio?

All modern creative entrepreneurs and small businesses need is to have their place on the web and stand out from the crowd.

Companies I've worked with

This is a short list of companies I've worked with from 2010 till today.

How I work

This is a typical way I work with my clients to get the projects done.
  • Having a discussion
    We're going to have a discussion of your ideas about the project or about the technical plan you've already made.
  • Making a plan
    We're going to make a plan of work to be done with the arrangement of deadlines and order of payment.
  • Getting to work
    I'll start working according to the plan and the deal we've made in the previous step.
  • Completion and delivery
    You're going to have your project by the deadline and make last payment.


What clients say about me.
Finished work on time with high quality.
Bang Jiu
Bang Jiu
Sungy Mobile
Great experience working with this freelancer!
Marcel Chastain
Marcel Chastain
Social Native
Quick completion of the task! Looking forward to working with the freelancer again.
Cromwell Oliver Gayo
Cromwell Oliver Gayo
Upwork Talent Group - GSD