WordPress Services


Let’s take a look at the steps we’ll follow as we start working on your project:

WordPress websites

Over 66 million websites run on WordPress. This list includes such websites as CNN, TED, TechCrunch, Forbes and many others.

Step 1. Contact me via e-mail info@tbilisistudio.com or via a contact form on the website. I will reply within 24 hours even in the weekend. In the letter, please, let me know what exactly youare looking for: a blog, a website, online store, unique design or just development.

Step 2. Discussing the project. I will contact you and send you a form with some basic questions. Via e-mail or a chat application we will discuss all the details and take a look at the websites or blogs which you like.

Step 3. Getting the price/deadline of the design and development or implementation of the project. We set a date when you’ll see the draft of the design.

Step 4. Make a payment of 50% of the total price (PayPal, Skrill, Western Union or Bank Transfer). It is important that you make the payment before I show you the draft of the design. If you do not like any of the designs in the following step you will get a total refund and we quit working on the project.

Step 5. Making homepage. I will make two samples of the homepage and you will have an option to choose the one you like most.

Step 6. Choose one of the options and let me know your ideas about it, about what you like and what you do not, what you want to add to it or what you want to remove.

Step 7. Making internal pages. In this step I may need you to be in touch with me and easily available (via e-mail or skype) and I may ask you some specific questions. Finishing to work on the design depends on this.

Step 8. Approving the design. We check all the pages and if you like everything and we did not forget anything, we stop working on design and move on to implementation/development. Depending on the complexity of the work, I tell you the date where the website will be ready.

Step 9. Payment of the rest of the price. It is important that you make the payment before I send you all project files and/or implement the design on your live website.

Step 10. Answering the questions and enjoying the result! I will answer all the questions you may have regarding the design and the basic functioning of the theme. You will get a significant discount if you choose me as a technical manager of the website.

Approximate Prices of WordPress Services:

  • Setting up, making a blog/website on WordPress, installing plugins on WordPress — from $225;
  • Translation of WordPress themes (English, Russian, Georgian) – $50 (standard);
  • Translation of WordPress themes (English, Russian, Georgian)  – $90 (non-standard);
  • Changing WordPress themes — from $100 depending on complexity;
  • Creating a website from scratch or setting up an internet store on WordPress — from $300 ;
  • Consultation about how to solve problems related to WordPress — from $50;
  • Helping out to obtain a domain/hosting — from $10 or free, if you purchase a service through my affiliate links;
  • Hourly rate — $25/hour;

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